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Oral cancer screening technology donated through OralID Facebook charity campaign

Nov. 20, 2014
Through a Facebook likes campaign, Forward Science Technologies donates an OralID oral cancer screening device to non-profit organization.
In May 2014, Forward Science Technologies LLC (FST), the developers of OralID and CytID launched a charity campaign with the goal to give back to the underserved community and spread public awareness on the topic of Oral Cancer. For the OralID Facebook Charity Campaign, FST will donate an OralID device to a non-profit organization for every 500 Likes on the OralID Facebook page. The first device was donated to North Carolina Missions of Mercy (NCMOM) in July 2014, and the device has already been used to screen the underprivileged population.

OralID recently reached their second goal of 1000 Facebook Likes. For this donation, the Facebook followers were given the opportunity to vote for the non-profit organization they felt should receive the second screening device donation. After the votes were calculated, the device was awarded to the Free Clinic of Simi Valley in Simi Valley, California.

Free Clinic of Simi Valley, a non-profit, volunteer based community service organization, was first opened in 1971 by a small group of individuals who had a passion for caring for the less fortunate individuals of their community. FST CEO, Robert J. Whitman, visited the Free Clinic of Simi Valley and commented on the passion behind the clinic, “After meeting some of the team at Free Clinic of Simi Valley, it is truly amazing what can be done with so little resources. With so many volunteers, it is great to see a community come together in efforts to give back to the patients who need it most. Now with the ability to screen every patient with OralID, these patients will truly be receiving the best level of care, where they typically could not afford it.”

The clinic has blossomed and has over 160 volunteers. The clinic offers services such as individual and family counseling, medical attention, legal assistance, and dental care, all through generous volunteers. From 2012 to 2013 the dental program increased the Free Clinic of Simi Valley’s client contacts by 11.3%, which is an increase in approximately 371 people in just one year! According to, the clinic is a 2014 Top-Rated Nonprofit.

The team at OralID is very excited about the choice of the voters, and plans to continue the charity campaign in efforts to serve the underprivileged population. The OralID Facebook page is well on it’s way to 1,500 Likes, and FST is encouraging dental professionals, and volunteers of other non-profit organizations to like their page and continue to vote for the non-profit of their choice. Oral Cancer cases will continue to rise without the help of dental professionals educating their patient communities on the importance of oral cancer screenings. Luckily, in this case, social media gives those who may not be doctors or dental hygienists a method of contributing to the fight against oral cancer by simply clicking a button.

If you would like to participate in the campaign, or simply want to learn more, please visit If you would like to nominate a non-profit organization, email [email protected].

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