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Microcopy, maker of NeoDiamond, expands production facility in Atlanta

Oct. 14, 2014
Microcopy, Inc., expands facilities in Atlanta.

New packaging and production facility to meet increasing product demand

Last Friday, while dentists from around the country were meeting in San Antoino at the annual ADA meeting, Microcopy made a major announcement from its production facilities in Atlanta. Microcopy revealed its new packaging and production facility expansion, which grows existing space by 10,000 square feet.

The expansion will accomodate production of Microcopy's high-selling burr products, NeoDiamond and NeoBurr, the recently introduced Gazelle polishers and Bite-Chek articulation films, and other items.

Microcopy President Perry L. Parke and General Manager Steve Rogers said the expansion was necessary to accomodate the company's growing North American demand and exports to select global distributors.