Dental data trends according to Outrank by Rogers

These trends can help your office with some future decisionsSoe

Dental Graphic Outrankbyrogers

What is the most frequently searched dental term? What is the most frequently searched dental professional? Do potential patients search for a dentist based on price, location, or services offered?

These and other questions were recently addressed in a survey conducted by OutRank by Rogers of Canada,. While the study focused on Canadians, OutRank by Rogers spokesperson Carrie Shaw, Director of Marketing, said Canadians often reflect many of the trends occuring in the U.S.

"On the whole there are many similarities among Canadian and U.S. markets when it comes to dental searches," said Shaw. "Searches for cosmetic dentistry continue to rise strongly in both markets, and research about dentistry is highest when big life events occur, such as having children, moving, and retiring. However there are a couple of marked differences, notably Canadians seem to look for low cost and last minute, employing terms like 'cheap' and 'emergency' twice as often as their American counterparts.

"What is clear is that the competition for dentistry services will remain strong in both markets moving forward," Shaw concluded.

Dental Graphic Outrankbyrogers

Infographic: In search of dental care

More revelations from the survey tell us that even though cosmetic dentistry is on the rise, general practitioners are still the gatekeepers of patient information and diagnosis, and are the most searched dental professional term.

What a dentist does matters more to patients than where the practice is located. Patients are willing to drive for the combination of services and cost that they're looking for.

Infographic: The secrets of dental patient retention

The most frequently searched dental term is implant, with emergency, family, and cosmetic not far behind. The popularity of "implants" proves that cosmetic repair to damaged teeth is in demand.

What the Outrank by Rogers study and other studies like it prove is that the time of the passive patient is long gone. Thanks to the Internet, patients are learning more about their dental health than ever before, and come to their dentist knowledgeable about many of their options.


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