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Company partners with Oral Cancer Foundation and University of Pennsylvania to bring awareness of the potentially deadly disease.

MALVERN, Pennsylvania--DentalEZ Group, a supplier of products and services for dental health professionals worldwide, is uniting in separate efforts with the Oral Cancer Foundation and University of Pennsylvania to increase oral cancer disease awareness.

Awareness efforts will be for dental professionals and the general public throughout the month of April 2012 and beyond.

Partnering with members of the Illinois dental community and the Oral Cancer Foundation, DentalEZ will sponsor the inaugural Northern Illinois Oral Cancer Awareness Walk June 10, 2012. Furthermore, DentalEZ is working in conjunction with the foundation to reach its goal of having 5,000 dental practices commit to conducting free oral cancer exams throughout the month of April 2012.

The Oral Cancer Awareness Walk will begin at 8 a.m. at the 5K double loop path around Lake Arlington in Arlington Heights, IL. Registration is $25 per person, and may be done at the time of the event or online at

There will also be a silent auction, raffle, and free screenings by dental professionals. All proceeds will be donated to the Oral Cancer Foundation.

DentalEZ contributed literature, Identafi posters, and disposable mirror heads to several dental practices participating in free oral cancer exams throughout the month of April. One of the practices is Dental Oncology Professionals of North Texas.

“We will be educating patients on the oral cancer screening device and about the importance of getting a yearly oral cancer screening, either through us, or their general dentist,” remarked Norberto Diaz, public relationship manager of Dental Oncology Professionals of North Texas. “We are extremely grateful for dental professionals such as DentalEZ who enhance our efforts with informative literature and the tools we need to make our event a success.”

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DentalEZ will also co-sponsor the Fourth Annual Philadelphia Oral Cancer Awareness Walk & 5K. Organized by the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, the event will take place April 29, 2012, in the west Philadelphia area. Free oral health screenings will be available to the public, as well as food and refreshments. In addition, there will be guest speakers, as well as prizes during the event. Up to 500 participants are expected.

DentalEZ qualified as a Bronze Level Sponsor by contributing a $1,000 monetary donation to the event. For information about registration or sponsorship opportunities for the Philadelphia Oral Cancer Awareness Walk & 5K, visit

Several dental dealers have also partnered with DentalEZ in the oral cancer awareness effort by agreeing to insert an appeal to their dental customers into more than 30,000 outgoing packages during March.

Oral cancer is not a rare disease. In 2012, approximately 37,000 people in the United States will receive the diagnosis, and it will kill one person every hour of every day. But oral cancer can be caught early. Early detection can be achieved through a simple, painless screening done as part of a routine visit to the dentist. With early detection, survival rates are high and the side effects from treatment are at their lowest.

“DentalEZ is a major supporter of early oral cancer screening in order to detect a disease that can be highly treatable if caught in time,” remarked Rick Gross, senior product manager for StarDental. “Unfortunately, many cases of oral cancer cannot be detected early enough with the naked eye, so we are making great efforts to spread the message of how important it is for all dental professionals to screen all patients regularly with an oral cancer screening device.”

The company’s StarDental division offers the Identafi, an oral cancer screening device used for the detection of oral pathologies, including biochemical and morphological changes in the cells of the mouth, throat, tongue, and tonsils that may lead to oral cancer.

The small, cordless, handheld Identafi uses a three-wavelength optical illumination and visualization system that allows dental professionals to identify oral mucosal abnormalities not visible to the naked eye.

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