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March 7, 2012
Website provides parents and teens in California, Nevada, and Texas with a resource for information on braces.

TAMPA, Florida--SmileCare lhas aunched a dedicated website to provide parents and teens in California, Nevada, and Texas with a resource for information on braces.

The new site features a teen-friendly Get Connected theme, and engages visitors with informative pages that demystify the complex topic of orthodontics through videos, diagrams, photos, and text.

Visitors to can learn about indications for treatment, view treatment options, find a local orthodontist, read bios, request an appointment, and download money-saving coupons.

"Most parents and kids enter unchartered territory when it comes to braces," said Dr. Cindy Roark, chief clinical director of Coast Dental, the organization that acquired SmileCare last summer.

"Our goal in launching the website is to break down a complex topic into understandable pieces with information in several formats so patients can make informed decisions. Parents often ask the age at which a child should first see an orthodontist. We included that in the Frequently Asked Questions section. The American Association of Orthodontists says the answer is age 7 so potential problems can be identified and addressed early."

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The site is packed with information and diagrams that show why braces may be needed, what supplemental appliances may be prescribed and why, and the availability of special offers and financing options.

The site incorporates a fun tool ( that enables prospective patients to envision their smile with their choice of colored bands. Young patients enjoy showing off their school or team spirit or reflecting a particular season or holiday.

Patients in orthodontic treatment can consult the site for information on home care and guidance on handling braces mishaps and emergencies. That's helpful if a bracket or wire becomes loose or breaks when the patient handbook isn't handy.

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