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Jameson Webber

Jan. 3, 2012
Jess Webber appointed as president and CEO.
OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma—Cathy Jameson has announced that Jess Webber has been named president and CEO of Jameson Management.Webber has been with the international dental consulting firm for 11 years. He has earned a master’s degree in health administration from the University of Oklahoma and a bachelor’s degree in health from Oklahoma State University.As president and CEO of Jameson Management, Webber will oversee coaching, management, and technology aspects of Jameson, as well as human resources and corporate relations.Do you have a practice contingency plan?“Jess has earned this honor, serving as our president for the past few years,” Jameson said. “Our team received the news quite well in September, a sign of his excellent leadership thus far. We’re thrilled to announce the news to the industry and clients now, certain he and our executive team will continue expertly supporting our outstanding coaches who make a difference in the lives of dental practices worldwide.”Jameson Management is a 40-plus member team of dental experts and advisers who provide in-office dental practice management coaching, clinical consulting, as well as full-service marketing and creative design.For more information, visit comment on this topic, go to