GC coping

Jan. 26, 2012
Coping cases milled from titanium will be accepted starting in February 2012.

ALSIP, Illinois--GC Advanced Technologies has announced that it will accept coping cases milled from titanium starting in February 2012,.

The new Aadva Ti Copings will be milled from medical grade titanium on the GM1000 milling machine.

This new addition to the portfolio of GCAT’s Aadva line of products, allow dental professionals the flexibility to outsource a wider array of dental cases in different materials.

MI Paste, MI Paste Plus available in strawberry-only packs

Aadva Ti copings are designed to work well with porcelain systems such as GC Initial Ti.

GCAT offers a line of custom abutments in zirconia and titanium, as well as zirconia and now titanium copings and coping bridges.

For more information, call (866) 925-4228 or visit www.gc-at.com.

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