Completely You

Jan. 13, 2012
New online publication created for men and women looks to achieve healthier and happier people.

NEW YORK, New York--Completely You, a new online publication created for men and women, has been launched by Studio One Networks.

Sponsored by Procter and Gamble's Oral Care brands Crest 3-D Whitestrips, Scope, and Oral B, Completely You provides a resource for men and women to help achieve a healthier and happier life. It offers health updates, daily shortcuts, and ideas for establishing better habits. In this way, the program enables users to attain a variety of results, from better health to increased confidence and life balance, so they can spend less time worrying and more time doing what they enjoy.

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Content coverage topics and channels include health, oral care, fitness, food, home, lifestyle, and appearance. The program also features five different blogs aimed at helping readers simplify their lives in different ways:

* Health News You Can Use: A health journalist analyzes health and oral-care news, trends and studies -- and what they mean for users.

* Getting Unstuck: A yoga teacher shares advice on reinvigorating life by transforming daily habits.

* It’s a Beautiful Life: A young woman blogs about her quest for beauty and balance with posts about style, friendships, love, and work.

* Need to Know: A blogger interviews experts and researchers to answer readers’ health questions on a variety of topics from food to health to oral care.

* The Mom Manual: No one is born knowing exactly how to parent. To help rectify this, a blogger offers support and parent-to-parent advice on how to raise a healthy child--emotionally and physically--while retaining sanity and life balance.

Additional program multimedia elements include to-do lists, healthy habits slideshows, best bites recipes, expert Q&As, self-checkups, "what we’re loving" features, polls, and social media elements.

Nancy Kalish is the managing editor of Completely You. Kalish is a certified health coach, and an editor and writer with more than 20 years of experience.

Andrew Susman, CEO of Studio One Networks, said, “We are excited to announce the launch of Completely You, and hope the program provides valuable information to men and women everywhere.”

Studio One Networks is an online content syndication company.

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