Midwest Dental, Inc. Announces Tom Tomlinson as Chief Executive Officer and Names Dr. Jeffrey Moos as Chairman and Chief Dental Officer

Sept. 27, 2012

MONDOVI, Wis., Sept. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Midwest Dental, Inc. today announced Tom Tomlinson has joined the organization as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Tomlinson replaces Dr. Jeffrey Moos, who will transition into the role of Chairman and Chief Dental Officer (CDO).

Tom Tomlinson previously served as CEO for the Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI) where he held various roles since joining the organization in 2002. Prior to CDI, Tomlinson also served as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Department 56, Inc. As CEO of Midwest Dental, Tomlinson will work closely with Dr. Jeffrey Moos, Chief Dental Officer, to build upon the company's strong track record of regional and national growth.

Dr. Jeffrey Moos joined Midwest Dental as a dentist at the Mondovi, Wis. office in 1983. Dr. Moos was named as the company's Chief Executive Officer in 2005 and has served in several leadership roles within the organization. In Dr. Moos' new role as Chairman and Chief Dental Officer he will focus on the professional development and clinical side of the business to ensure the company continues to deliver the best possible patient care.

"Dr. Moos and I share a commitment to the highest quality of clinical care, balanced with the application of sound business principles. This dual focus will ensure the company's ongoing success and sustain its reputation as a highly respected, clinically-focused dental care provider," said Tom Tomlinson, CEO, Midwest Dental. "I look forward to working with Dr. Moos and the entire Midwest Dental team to further the growth of the company and uphold the reputation built over the past 44 years."

"Throughout my prior roles with the company, I have always retained a keen interest in the clinical leadership and development of the current culture and philosophy of the business," said Dr. Moos, Chairman and Chief Dental Officer. "Transitioning into my new role will allow me to devote more time to what drew me to dentistry in the first place — the great clinical care of patients."

About Midwest Dental

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