Heraeus Mondia resistance

April 24, 2012
Tufts University study touts Mondial i denture teeth.

SOUTH BEND, Indiana—A study of denture teeth wear resistance conducted by a research team from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine concluded that Mondial i teeth demonstrated the best performance at low, intermediate, and high chewing cycles.

Mondial i denture teeth are manufactured by Heraeus Kulzer, a leader in dental esthetics.

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The findings were presented at the American Association for Dental Research Annual Meeting in Tampa, Fla. The Tufts research team was led by Ronald Perry, DMD, MS. Other team members included Masly Harsono, DDS; A. Brown; Paul Stark, ScD; and Gerard Kugel, DMD, MS, PhD.

In addition to Mondial i, the brands tested were Portrait IPN (DENTSPLY), Vita MFT (Vita), and Physiostar NFC (Candulor). Samples were Hertzian contact loaded using a mouth motion simulator inside a water chamber.

Five samples of each brand were removed at 50,000, 100,000, and 200,000 chewing cycles and the depth and total volume lost were measured with 3-D optical laser profilometers. At all three chewing cycles, Mondial i demonstrated the least depth and the least volume lost of the four brands tested.

According to the study’s authors, “One important factor in evaluating the long-term functioning of removable prostheses is the physical properties of the denture teeth selected by the clinician. As denture teeth wear over time, the prosthesis loses occlusal relationship stability and chewing efficiency. By selecting teeth with experimentally proven increased resistance to wear abrasion, clinicians can provide their patient with a complete denture that may retain its efficiency over a greater time period.”

Advanced Nanopearl materials make it possible for Mondial i’s denture teeth to withstand implant forces while demonstrating higher wear resistance, more lifelike opalescence, enhanced color stability, and better bite characteristics.

In addition, thanks to CAD/CAM technology, Mondial i denture teeth designed for advanced occlusal schemes can be made from denser materials that deliver decreased incidences of breakage. CAD/CAM technology helps ensure harmonious tooth set-up and reproducible articulation, and helps eliminate any frictional surfaces that might resist function.

“We take great pride in Mondial i’s reputation for industry-leading quality and innovation,” said Lesley Melvin, Heraeus product manager.

“To have so clearly outperformed our competitors in an extensive study conducted by such a prestigious research institution further underscores Mondial i’s unmatched ability to meet the needs of dental practices, dental laboratories and their patients.”

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