Lexicomp oral lesions

Lexicomp and Logical Images to offer service to dental professionals.

HUDSON, Ohio--Wolters Kluwer Health, a global provider of information for health-care professionals and students, has announced that Lexicomp has partnered with Logical Images to deliver an oral lesion diagnosis tool,

The tool is VisualDx Oral for dental professionals.

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Dental professionals who use Lexicomp Online for Dentistry, the Lexicomp dental-specific drug and clinical information solution, can now access an enhanced level of decision support through VisualDx Oral. The tool combines the power of a searchable medical image library of oral lesions with concise, specialist-developed clinical information.

“We are pleased to offer this revolutionary oral lesion diagnosis tool to dental professionals,” commented Dave Del Toro, vice president and general manager, Clinical Decision Support.

“Dental professionals are now able to develop a visual differential diagnosis based on patient findings and access next steps for management and care. Having the capability to quickly and accurately identify and research common, rare, benign, and malignant lesions saves the dentists time and allows Lexicomp users the opportunity to expand the level of care and treatment capability for their patients.”

Lexicomp is partnering with Logical Images, the developer of VisualDx. Lexicomp has headquarters in Rochester, N.Y.

“Oral mucosal problems can be relatively benign or as serious as cancer, often with overlapping symptoms and signs between the many diagnostic possibilities,” said Art Papier, MD, chief executive officer, Logical Images.

"We developed VisualDx Oral to assist dentists with a tool that can be searched by patient factors, not simply diagnosis. We are pleased to integrate VisualDx Oral with the wonderful content found within Lexicomp Online for Dentistry.

For more information, visit webstore.lexi.com/ONLINE-Software-for-Dentists.

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