CareCredit unveils new logo

New logo helps CareCredit celebrate silver anniversary

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COSTA MESA, Calif. – As part of its 25th anniversary celebration, CareCredit is introducing a new brand image, which consists of a new logo, icon, and tagline — Making care possible…today. While CareCredit, a health care credit card, continues to focus on patient satisfaction, access to care, and ease of use, the new branding look more closely represents the key role of CareCredit in the lives of 20 million patients over the past 25 years.With input from consumers, providers, and cardholders, CareCredit’s logo, icon, and tagline were enhanced to retain the qualities of trust, strength, and dependability, while evolving to more accurately reflect their cardholder’s perception of the benefits the brand brings to their everyday lives. When surveyed, patients who have chosen to use CareCredit identified the company as “accessible,” “empowering,” and “helpful.” Their input resulted in a logo and icon that was visually uplifting and positive and in a tagline that clearly communicates the company’s core philosophy and focus: making it simple and easy for families to access the care they desire, when they desire it.“Our 25th anniversary provided us the opportunity to reach out to our providers and cardholders and ask why they chose to use CareCredit,” said Cindy Hearn, senior vice president of CareCredit. “Through this process we gained a clear understanding of the experience they have with our brand, which benefits they valued most, and how our brand fits in their lives. We used this information to visually refine our brand, giving it a fresh and contemporary look that has already been extremely well received.”Practices that accept CareCredit as a payment option will receive a complimentary, comprehensive kit of materials for their practice and patients in June, including exciting new patient educational and display materials.

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