iPhone records dentist's questionable behavior

May 18, 2012
Case called "horrifying," but patient loses in court.

PHOENIX (CBS5) - The sound of a dentist's drill can make even the toughest patients panic. But for one Valley man, it wasn't the drill that worried him. It's what was said during his dental procedure.

"I had told him I was very uncomfortable going under general anesthesia," said Donovan Cade, who was scheduled to have his wisdom teeth pulled. "He convinced me to anyway during our consultation."

Both Cade and the dentist, Dr. Brown Harris, will tell you they got off to a rough start after an initial consultation turned into a heated billing dispute. So Harris offered to perform the surgery at a steep discount. Cade booked it and then did something that many of us might not even think of.

"I went ahead and turned on the voice recorder on my phone and left it on the table next to the chair," said Cade.

It's a simple action, taken in a moment of vulnerability, that would capture something unthinkable.

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