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Company entertains a group of doctors from the Mentor Group at the Vident Training Center.

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BREA, California--Vident was host to a group of doctors from the Mentor Group at the Vident Training Center in Brea.The mentor group was comprised of dentists from across the country with a presence in their respective communities. The group of doctors has completed, or is in the process of completing the core CEREC curriculum at the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry. The doctors have joined the group to mentor and test CAD/CAM products, provide basic training, and run study clubs in their regions. Related information, click here.The one-day training included a combination of demonstrations and hands-on learning. The first demonstration focused on creating the illusion of natural esthetics with CEREC restorations while also covering furnace overview and operations, surface contouring and finishing, application of VITA Akzent stains, polishing tips, shade taking protocol techniques and the comprehensive use of Easyshade shade selection. Attendees also participated in a hands-on demonstration of surface texturing and polishing, cutback for translucent VITA VM9 porcelain layering, and optimizing adding on to blocs contact points. For more information, visit comment on this topic, go to
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