Kerr Advocate Program

Peer-to-peer platform launched for clinicians that embraces new 5-mm bulk cure technology.

ORANGE, California--To support the adoption of the SonicFill bulk cure composite system, Kerr Corporation--a manufacturer of dental restorative materials--has announced the launch of a new Advocate Program.

The SonicFill composite system, a product that enables clinicians to change the way they place posterior composite, has been a success for Kerr having exceeded projected market adoption estimates. Quickly embraced by the dental community, SonicFill has achieved the one million tip shipment milestone (along with more than 4,000 handpieces sold). This occured five months after entering the market.

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“This is an exciting time for Kerr and the dental industry,” said Leo Pranitis, vice president of global marketing. “An increasing and significant number of clinicians are now recognizing SonicFill as their new standard of care for posterior composites. The unsolicited success stories and testimonials have been extremely gratifying to all of us at Kerr, and it fully validates SonicFill as the finest bulk fill option available today. Given the wave of interest in sharing their successes, we’re proud to offer this venue for dentists to showcase their work as a natural extension of the SonicFill brand.”

As part of the Advocate Program, dentists are invited to submit their entries as case images and/or video testimonials after filling out an entry form available at The dentist who submits the example or case study that best captures the spirit of how SonicFill has simplified posterior procedures and advanced that dentist’s practice, will receive a SonicFill handpiece and composite.

Winners will be chosen between April and December. Details regarding participation are available on the site.

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