Sleep Group, Glidewell partner

Aug. 17, 2010
Companies will educate dentists on snoring/sleep apnea preventive care.

MIAMI, Florida, and NEWPORT BEACH, California--Sleep Group Solutions and Glidewell Laboratories have reached an agreement that will partner the two companies in order to educate the dental and medical profession on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of snoring and sleep apnea.

Sleep Group Solutions offers a year-round schedule of two-day seminars that discuss and educate dental and medical professionals on the increasingly important field of Dental Sleep Medicine. The goal of this partnership is to increase awareness of Sleep Disordered Breathing and to educate dental and medical professionals on the preventive measures available to them and their patients.

With an estimated 60 million Americans snoring each night, Glidewell Laboratories and SGS hope that through education, doctors will begin to screen patients for this deadly condition.

“This partnership simply makes sense,” says SGS President Rani Ben-David. “Our services complement each other very well. Joining our efforts to increase awareness and get more dentists involved in this lifesaving therapy is a win for everyone.”

Under this agreement, Glidewell Laboratories will actively market and promote SGS Dental Sleep Medicine CE seminars, as well as fabricate the oral appliance laboratory services. This will include the aveoTSD, Silent Nite, TAP, and Myerson EMA devices. SGS will provide the training, protocols, education, and instrumentation for each course.

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