Obtura Spartan Endodontics

Aug. 26, 2010
Program for warm vertical obturation system.

ALGONQUIN, Illinois--Obtura Spartan Endodontics, a provider of endodontic equipment and services, has announced a new 30-day free trial program for practitioners interested in buying a new or updated obturation device.

This offer allows dental participants the opportunity to try out the obtura system in their offices before purchasing it to see how efficiently the system operates with patients throughout day-to-day procedures.

This program was designed to make the process as simple as possible by giving a practitioner limited responsibilities. Obtura Spartan Endodontics handles everything else.

Clinicians need to contact an Obtura representative by e-mail or phone, and fill out a form with their general information. From there, Obtura will ensure the right qualifications are met, and will then mail the demo for clinicians to use for the next 30 days.

The package includes a version of the Obtura warm gutta percha delivery system, a few accessories, and a practice regimen.

Before actually using the device, a representative will conduct a virtual orientation with the participant to go over the basic instructions and ensure he or she is well-informed from the start. In addition, weekly support and educational resources are provided throughout the length of the trial to help make certain that each participant has a valuable trial experience.

Once the 30 days are up, clinicians may return the equipment to Obtura Spartan using a pre-paid FedEx shipping label (included upon delivery), or they may purchase the trial system to eliminate additional time and/or effort spent on finding another device.

Either way, a representative will then contact the customer to discuss the overall experience and other questions that may still be unanswered.

For more information, contact a representative, call (800) 344-1321 to speak to someone at Obtura directly, or visit www.obtura.com.

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