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Nov. 3, 2010
BIOMET 3i has three solutions--comprehensive treatment, enhanced knowledge, and business excellence--to offer dental professionals.

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Florida--BIOMET 3i wants to provide dental professionals simple ways to be successful.

Focusing on business in terms of each individual event between a clinician and a patient and how each event may require a different set of products or services, BIOMET 3i offers three distinct solutions: comprehensive treatment, enhanced knowledge, and business excellence.

Comprehensive treatment solutions offer dental professionals the ability to promote treatment options for each patient scenario. These solutions include patient-driven implant systems, such as the BIOMET 3i Tapered Implant System--a system designed for primary stability and accurate placement. End-to-end prosthetic solutions, such as 3i incise Copings and Frameworks, enable laboratories to offer a much broader range of dental milling options and the option to create precision milled bars. 3i incise also gives clinicians the ability to offer options that are patient specific and designed to result in crafted new smiles. Site-specific regeneration solutions provide a line of Guided Bone Regeneration materials to provide adequate bone for great esthetic restorations.

Enhanced knowledge solutions provide dental professionals with the education and clinical research tools they need to effectively use BIOMET 3i products. The BIOMET 3i comprehensive educational continuum offers more than 1,000 education programs globally, and is designed for all levels of expertise. The programs are delivered through a variety of media, including university settings, peer-to-peer education, and e-learning.

Business excellence solutions provide dental professionals with tools and resources to help build and grow their businesses successfully. These tools fall under three main categories: patient recruitment support, business efficiency support, and practice growth.

“You can trust BIOMET 3i to provide dental professionals with solutions to treat one patient at a time, in less time and with esthetic outcomes.” said Maggie Anderson, president of BIOMET 3i.

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