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Nov. 22, 2010
Town & Country Dental Studios named NuCalm lab partner for metropolitan New York region.

KERRVILLE, Texas--Solace, a pioneer in the fields of applied neuropsychobiology and bioinformatics and manufacturers of NuCalm, has announced a strategic partnership with Town & Country Dental Studios of Freeport, N.Y.

Town & Country will offer continuing education courses on NuCalm in lecture and live demonstration formats.

The partnership makes Town & Country the exclusive lab provider for NuCalm-based CE programs in the metropolitan New York region. The laboratory will offer between five and 10 courses per year to periodontists, endodontists, general practitioners, and hygienists. Classes will be hosted by Town & Country as part of its ongoing curriculum and conducted by members of Solace’s elite dental advisory board.

“Continuing education is a key driver for us to boost awareness for NuCalm as we pioneer applied neuropsychobiology in the dental industry,” commented Solace Chief Executive Officer Jim Poole.

“Therefore, it’s important for us to find the right labs to partner with across the country. We spend a lot of time vetting high-end esthetic dental labs to find those that truly understand the importance of providing leading-edge CE programs for their valued customers. Town & Country Dental Studios is an excellent example of the type of partner we look for that provides tangible and intangible ways to provide value to their dentists.”

David Lampert, vice president of Town & Country, is excited to be part of Solace’s exclusive dental lab network of CE providers.

“Over the past 50 years, we have always searched for new innovations that will help our clients improve their patient’s satisfaction and practice success, especially with restorative dentistry," he said. "NuCalm will meet and exceed all those needs. We are looking forward to this exciting new partnership.”

Town & Country will also showcase the power of NuCalm Nov. 28-Dec. 1 during the 2010 Greater New York Dental Meeting (Booth #5101) at the Javits Center.

According to the American Dental Association, fear and anxiety keep more than 60 million Americans a year from seeing a dentist, which has a significant negative impact on the overall health of the American population. NuCalm is a drug-free technology that has become a safe and less intrusive alternative in the growing field of sedation dentistry. It creates the same biological effect--deep relaxation--as other products and techniques used to alleviate fear and anxiety but without using narcotics or controlled substances.

NuCalm leverages the synergistic benefits of four sensory applications:

• Proprietary chewable tablets containing natural anxiolytic neurotransmitters that counteract adrenaline
• Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation: An FDA-cleared device for treating anxiety, insomnia and depression (research indicates a mild current catalyzes the effectiveness of the NuCalm neurotransmitters)
• Proprietary neuroacoustic software – a low-frequency audio pulse that paces the brain to the first stage of sleep
• Black-out glasses to remove visual stimulation

Experiencing NuCalm is safe and easy. First, the patient chews the NuCalm tablets. Second, two patches are placed behind the ears and attached to the CES device for mild stimulation. Third, a pair of noise-dampening headphones are fitted on the patient while an MP3 player provides the neuroacoustic software embedded in classical music (the binaural-beat wavelength is actually masked by the music).

Finally, black-out glasses are placed on the patient. The relaxation experience lasts as long as the patient listens to the neuroacoustic software. NuCalm has been used effectively for procedures lasting more than nine hours.

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