Smile Simplicity procedure

Nov. 15, 2010
Dr. Robert Ibsen has developed a Smile Simplicity veneer procedure that makes shots and anesthetic seem obsolete.

LOS ANGELES, California--To many patients, strengthening and extending the life of their teeth is more important than improving their esthetics.

No matter the objective, all patients would prefer a method that is painless and preserves their teeth. After decades of working with patients who feared traditional methods of cosmetic preparation, Dr. Robert Ibsen has achieved these goals with the Smile Simplicity procedures.

Smile Simplicity encompasses a number of cosmetic and structural restoration techniques that help preserve, strengthen, and protect teeth while improving the appearance of smiles without the removal of sensitive tooth structure or the need for shots.

Not affiliated with any dental manufacturing firm, including Den-Mat Holdings, Ibsen is committed to teaching his Smile Simplicity technique with a focus on the design and placement of noninvasive bonded porcelain restorations that are esthetic and durable.

Smile Simplicity online continuing education courses cover a broad range of topics, including case selection, adhesion, color correction, finishing, polishing, postorthodontic treatment, and solutions for worn, aged, and unesthetic dentition—all accomplished without shots or removal of sensitive tooth structure.

“It’s no secret that many patients want a better-looking smile,” said Dr. Ibsen, “but all patients can significantly benefit from stronger teeth. Smile Simplicity enables dentists to give their patients both. I want every dentist to be able to give their patients these life-changing opportunities because when patients are happy, a practice can’t help but grow.”

Dr. Ted Hutchison, a dentist in Lompoc, Calif., said, “I have been utilizing Smile Simplicity for a number of years, and it has opened up new vistas in my practice. I am now able to offer my patients a tremendous change in their appearance while not reducing tooth structure. There has been a dramatic change in my practice since Smile Simplicity, and I am enjoying going to work more than I have in years!”

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