DEZiree, star hygienist

Nov. 2, 2010
New weekly video blog delivers tips and tools exclusively for hygienists.

MALVERN, Pennsylvania--DentalEZ Group, a supplier of products and services for dental health professionals worldwide, has introduced DEZiree the Dental Hygienist.

DEZiree is the star of a new video blog created by the DentalEZ Group called The DEZiree Show.

A positive representation of the modern hygienist, DEZiree intends to be a familiar face in the dental community. DEZiree will star in a weekly video blog that interested hygienists and dental professionals can opt-in to view through weekly e-mails. The blog provides weekly updates of useful information and news regarding topics geared solely toward the dental hygiene profession.

The new blog will be an ongoing showcase of DEZiree presenting 30- to 90-second video segments covering a variety of topics relevant to dental hygienists. DEZiree will present the latest industry news, exclusive promotions, new product announcements, and tales from the chairside with which dental hygienists can identify through their everyday personal and professional experience.

“Currently, dental hygienists are using the internet and social networks more and more,” remarked Randy Arner, vice president of marketing for DentalEZ Group. “We created DEZiree to be the face of dental hygienists everywhere. We think hygienists will identify with many of the trials and tribulations that DEZiree faces every day. DEZiree is a strong, well-rounded dental professional who presents a lighter, humorous view of common dental situations.”

Dental hygienists can opt-in to receive weekly e-mails for The DEZiree Show by logging onto This is where The DEZiree Show is housed.

The new DentalEZ blog also features a forum for dental hygienists to discuss daily events and products among their peers.

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