EPA announcement

Nov. 17, 2010
By 2012, EPA plans to enforce strict guidelines on mercury waste created by dental amalgam.

INGLEWOOD, California--Dental offices account for approximately 50% of mercury waste discharged into local waste treatment plants each year, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

With restrictions on mercury waste from dental amalgams, or fillings, expected to take effect by 2012, the EPA and PureLife Dental encourage dental professionals to take action now. PureLife offers each component of a three-part process guaranteed to eliminate as much as 99% of mercury pollution: amalgam separators, amalgam recycling and in-office waste pickup, and certification of compliance.

"With 50-percent of mercury entering local waste treatment plants coming from dental amalgam waste, we believe that this EPA regulation is long overdue," said Rodney Hanoon, CEO of PureLife Dental. "We fully support the measures with our products and waste management services, and offer these at subsidized prices to our customers. In fact, we often offer these services at or significantly below cost to our customers. We do this as part of our company mission and commitment to the environment."

The US EPA announced in September 2010 its intention to move forward with rule making for dental facilities. Dental facilities are being encouraged to to act now in anticipation of the forthcoming rules.

"I am pleased that companies like PureLife supplies the tools which dental facilities can place to make a difference in our local waste waters," stated AL Dube' of SolmeteX, a U.S. manufacturer of amalgam separators.

"We began work with PureLife Dental in 2009, and are very impressed by their commitment to the environment, even to the point that they will absorb the costs of amalgam separators and recycling programs to help dental offices afford to be greener," said Walter Ruffini of Pure Water Dev.-METASYS, a company focused on water treatment, water purification, amalgam recycling, and a manufacturer of amalgam separators.

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