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DENTSPLY Prosthetics forum

Sept. 8, 2010
Panel of dentists and dental laboratory technicians convene at DENTSPLY ES health-care facility in Hasselt, Belgium, for a two-day symposium.
HASSELT, Belgium--DENTSPLY Prosthetics sponsored a panel of dentists and dental laboratory technicians July 15-16, 2010, at the DENTSPLY ES health-care facility in Hasselt, Belgium. The purpose of the meeting was to gather dental industry thought leaders for Compartis ISUS implant case presentations, interact with and gain exposure to new implant-technology developments, and share ideas. Panel members included John Ackley, implants and precision manager, Bonadent Dental Lab; Dave Hodson, manager, Harmony Dental Lab; Gregori Kurtzman, DDS; Larry Lindke, CDT, president of Dental Compositions;Arun Nayyar, DDS; and Stephen Wagner, DDS.During the meeting, group members participated in a DENTSPLY ES health-care facilities tour, a preview of ISUS CAD/CAM design software, and fruitful discussions that will help to fuel DENTSPLY’s advancement of implant-supported bar platform technologies in the United States. “We liked this product before (the forum) and are very excited as to where we can take this going forward,” commented Ackley at the end of the symposium. Added Dr. Kurtzman, “I can see the vision and am happy to be part of it.” According to Lindke, “ ... it can be rewarding for us all.”Compartis ISUS is CAD-designed and CAM high-precision milled implant suprastructures, fabricated from one single block of pure, grade 4 titanium or cobalt chrome alloy. They are available in traditional bars, or fixed hybrid bars and bridges, and fit more than 200 implant systems. Compartis ISUS CAD/CAM bars and bridges provide strength, flexibility of design, and customized accuracy to meet the needs of patients. The design capability of ISUS bars and bridges covers same-arch suprastructure cases for up to eight implant placements and 12 tooth units, are screw-retained directly on the implants, and accommodate most any implant system or different systems used within the same arch. Compartis ISUS bars and bridges come with a DENTSPLY 10-year warranty against breakage.To identify a dental laboratory that provides DENTSPLY Compartis ISUS bars or bridges, visit and click on the ISUS Lab Locator, or call DENTSPLY customer support at (800) 243-1942. To read more about DENTSPLY, go to DENTSPLY.To comment on this subject, go to