DHPI distributes Anturi sensors

Sept. 30, 2010
The product features the latest CMOS radiography and will complement almost all leading dental software.

NEW FRANKEN, Wisconsin--Dental Health Products has announced being awarded exclusive rights by DentiMax to sell Anturi digital sensors.

Featuring the latest CMOS radiography, the product will complement almost all leading dental software to seamlessly integrate clinical, financial and digital X-ray needs into one user-friendly system. DHPI and DentiMax believe Anturi will be a valuable tool for dental practices across the United States.

“The images from the Anturi sensor are amazingly clear, if not the best I have seen in sometime; it takes dental imaging to a new level for the industry,” statedSteve Desautel, vice president of sales and marketing, for Dental Health Products.

The new Anturi sensor contains a host of beneficial features. They include clear, filmlike X-ray images, improved patient comfort, 64-bit Windows 7 compatibility, powerful and easy-to-use software, the latest in complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor technology, space-saving design (it’s boxless), and free software training. It also works with most digital panoramic X-ray machines and intraoral cameras.

Anturi digital sensors are slated to be available Sept. 30, 2010.

For more information go to www.dhpionline.com/anturi.

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