AMD LASERS, Applie iPads

Sept. 30, 2010
iPad technology will replace paper and DVDs throughout AMD LASERS' educational and training program.

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana--AMD LASERS will offer iPads as part of a company-wide going green and paperless initiative effective Oct. 1, 2010.

iPad technology will replace paper and DVDs throughout the educational and training program in tandem with the AMD LASERS Picasso.

The initiative is a part of a long-standing commitment to a greener working environment.

"As a committed entrepreneur, I champion any green initiative which aids in the reduction of our environmental impact," AMD LASERS President and CEO Alan Miller said. " For our company, that means implementing everyday practices such as waste reduction, reuse and recycling; thus doing our part toward contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment."

Including an iPad with the purchase of an AMD LASERS Picasso brand dental laser enables dentists to view patient educational, how-to, and clinical videos directly from the iPad. This eliminates the need for DVDs.

The iPad comes preloaded with an AMD LASERS App that contains all of the videos, marketing materials, operations manuals, and everything that was previously printed.

"It is really an all-around winning combination," commented Bart Waclawik, COO of AMD LASERS. "Incorporating the iPad is a nice win for our clients and company, but more important, it's a huge win for the environment. We are proud to do our part."

Added Miller: "I hope other dental companies follow suit. We can thank Steve Jobs and the wonderful people at Apple for creating this great technology."

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