ProDrive hassle-free warranty

Sept. 2, 2010
Warranty will cover KaVo upgrade turbines.

MONTREAL, Quebec, Canada--ProDrive Systems has announced launch of a ProDrive for KaVo program.

With the purchase of a three-pack of ProDrive Upgrade Turbines for KaVo handpieces, a dentist will receive a three-year, hassle-free warranty. ProDrive is able to provide this warranty thanks to a chuck design.

While friction grip chucks in traditional turbines suffer increasing wear over time, diminishing cut quality and speed, ProDrive’s design continues to provide “like new” cut performance for the life of the turbine. This results in the added benefit of long-term durability.

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The patented ProDrive System is a turbine upgrade compatible with today's leading-brand high-speed handpieces (KaVo, Midwest, Sirona®, Star Dental, W&H). It allows dentists to continue using their preferred handpieces yet empowers the instruments.

ProDrive Turbines work in conjunction with ProDrive Diamond and Carbide Burs, all of which can be lengthened 3 mm and have double grooves enabling them to be locked safely in place.

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