The Eco-Dentistry Association to showcase green dentistry’s future at ADA

Sept. 24, 2010
The Eco-Dentistry Association (EDA), an international association formed to promote environmentally sound practices in dentistry, is partnering with EDA corporate members to present the industry’s first ever “Green Lounge.”

Berkeley, CA – The Eco-Dentistry Association™ (EDA), an international association formed to promote environmentally sound practices in dentistry, is partnering with EDA corporate members including DentalEZ, Discus Dental, and Hu-Friedy to present the industry’s first ever “Green Lounge. It will debut at the upcoming ADA Annual Session in Orlando, October 9-11, and the theme is “The Future of Dentistry Meets Here.”

The 20’ x 40’ island exhibit will be constructed of 100% eco-friendly materials and will promote green dentistry in the lounge’s central location at booth #1935, which bridges the U.S. and international pavilions.

The purpose of the Green Lounge is to educate dental professionals about how they can tap into the rapidly growing green movement in dentistry. The Green Lounge will feature lectures on green dentistry by EDA’s cofounders Dr. Fred and Ina Pockrass and Director Susan Beck.

“We want dental professionals to see that going green is not about doing everything at once, but about knowing your options and making the right choices for your practice.," said Ms. Beck. "There are many shades of green. High-tech dentists often find they’re greener than they think they are.”

The Green Lounge will offer free presentations, open to all conference attendees, covering the following topics:

• What is Green Dentistry? An Introduction
• Green and Clean: Eco-Friendly Infection Control
• Wellness Dentistry
• The Save 90 A Day Campaign for Water Conservation
• Green Dentistry Is High-Tech Dentistry

The Green Lounge will include a mini-operatory set-up to demonstrate green dental products in action, such as DentalEZ’s eco-friendly dental chair, Transcendentist reusable sterilization pouches, infection control barriers from Discus Dental, and eco-friendly disinfectant from SciCan. Visitors to the lounge will also be able to pick up instrument recycling kits from Hu-Friedy’s Environdent program and engage in hands-on demonstrations.

DentalEZ will showcase its energy- and cost-saving state-of-the-art EverLight. “The EverLight is the centerpiece of my eco-friendly operatory,” states Dr. Fred Pockrass, EDA Clinical Director. “Of course I value the energy efficiency, waste reduction, and comfort of working under the EverLight. But what has really impressed me is that the EverLight gives me complete control in the placement of composite restorations without premature setting.”

ADA annual session attendees can pick up a green-colored reusable stainless steel water bottle from EDA corporate member companies and conveniently refill it at the Green Lounge’s eco-friendly drink station. “We want to make an impact on the thousands of disposable water bottles that convention goers use and throw away, and show participants how easy it is to make small changes that make a big difference,” explained EDA cofounder Ina Pockrass. Visitors to the lounge will also get to try Joysence hand sanitizer, available from Discus, which helps dental offices reduce water use while infusing the office with an aroma therapy scent that calms and relaxes patients.

Instead of distributing copious paper brochures, the EDA will hand out eco-friendly bamboo flashdrives loaded with a Special Edition GreenDOC Product Guide, listing the industry’s environmentally friendly products and services. The flashdrive will include bonus materials such as educational presentations about green dentistry.

Participants can take a “Green Tour” of the ADA floor and complete a game card from the Green Lounge to be entered to win an iPod Touch.

On Sunday at 3:30, ADA attendees are invited to the Green Lounge for a “Green-Tini” cocktail party hosted by Dentaltown. According to Farran Media Founder and CEO Dr. Howard Farran, “Green Dentistry is much more than today’s buzzword; it’s the future of dentistry, and the future is well within reach of the average dentist. Thanks to emerging dental technology, dentists can go green and remain profitable. Dentaltown is proud to support green dentistry and participate in the Green Lounge debut.”

Throughout the ADA session, the EDA will be connected to social media through its Twitter and Facebook pages, and will share information from the event live from the lounge with EDA friends and followers.

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For more information on the EDA’s Green Lounge and how your company can participate, contact Eco-Dentistry Association Director Susan Beck at (510) 841-1229.

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