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June 14, 2010
Company's retrofit handpiece turbines featured in publication for manufacturers of micro-parts in the
medical, dental, aerospace, and automotive industries.

MONTREAL, Quebec, Canada--ProDrive Systems has appeared in an article in MICROManufacturing.

Tha publication for manufacturers of micro-parts in the medical, dental, aerospace, and automotive industries. With a focus on the increasing importance of precision and effectiveness of the dental handpiece, the article provides an overview of new and emerging technology solutions from leading manufacturers, including Sybron, Hu-Friedy, and Lares.

Dental industry analysts, Supplier Relations, projects a steady increase in annual revenues in the dental equipment market in the next five years. The report states that “manufacturing in this market can result in healthy profit margins, and a substantial portion of this market are dental hand instruments and handpieces.”

The article also notes that dental professionals are expected to “upgrade to lighter faster, quieter and more ergonomically designed [handpiece] models.”

The article features interviews with senior executives from the dental industry, including Ron Saslow, CEO of Hu-Fiedy, and dental opinion leader, Dr John C. Flucke.

“After several years of complex R&D and testing, ProDrive proudly launched in January 2010 with our first national resale partner, Patterson Dental," commented Richard St-Pierre, president & CEO of ProDrive Systems.

"After surpassing initial sales estimates for the first quarter, ProDrive is strongly positioned to capitalize on the projected growth of this multibillion dollar rotary instrument and handpiece industry. We are in licensing negotiations with select companies with the ultimate goal of integrating our patented solution into a variety of premium brands. With the added market support of these blue-chip partners, we expect ProDrive to displace friction grip as the new standard for high-speed handpieces and rotary in the coming few years.”

The article calls on ProDrive Systems when referencing dental advances, “on the handpiece front, retrofit turbines that use a patented, three-sided connection to physically lock a bur directly into the turbine are being produced by ProDrive Systems Inc. The company, which also manufactures new handpieces using the technology, claims benefits from the system include increased torque transfer, higher cutting speeds, decreased stress on the
tooth, and reduced vibration and chatter."

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