CAO Group expands license

June 30, 2010
License expanded to major dental companies.

WEST JORDAN, Utah--The CAO Group, a dental OEM company, has expanded licensing of LED dental curing patents portfolio to major dental companies.

CAO helped pioneer LED technology in dental curing that has resulted in improved curing of dental materials by using LED as light source. To date, CAO has been granted 31 U.S. and international patents around the LED dental curing light technology. Additional patents are still pending.

CAO’s patents cover LED structures, heat management, and broadband wavelengths for curing dental composites and adhesives. Major dental companies have licensed CAO’s patents.

While building its patent portfolio, CAO has also established expertise in dental curing light manufacturing. CAO conducts OEM manufacturing of LED curing lights for various companies worldwide.

According to Densen Cao, PhD., founder and CEO of CAO Group, “Our research around the use of LED technology to make dentistry easier, faster and more predictable, led to our first LED curing light launched in 2000 by one of the leading marketers of dental products. Since then, we have worked with a ‘who’s who’ of dental companies to enable them to offer these benefits to their customers.”

CAO conducts research to develop new technologies and to enhance its products for the benefit of dentists. While working to expand its technology, CAO also aims to protect its licensing partners from others who seek to circumvent patent law and market unlicensed products.

Dr. Cao described how the company’s orientation extends beyond LED curing lights to newer products and technology.

“Our goal, as a company, is to help make dentistry ‘easier, faster, and better’ for dental professionals," he said. "Later this year, CAO will introduce a range of dental materials and devices that apply this same approach of using innovative technology to making dental products that are easier to use, enable faster patient treatment, and result in better clinical outcomes.”

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