MedChoice Financial adds new functionality

June 30, 2010
Portal will allow paperless processing of medical claims.

DEERFIELD BEACH, Florida--MedChoice Financial, a national medical financial company, has announced a new Platinum Provider Portal that will allow paperless processing of medical claims.

This advanced, secure, Web-based portal allows health-care providers to dynamically manage billing and payment processing through an automated process for application submissions and reporting.

MedChoice works with health-care practices and clinics to provide patients with an additional financial stream to pay for procedures, such as cosmetic surgery, dental treatments, and laser hair removal and hair restoration. By working closely with clients, MedChoice knows that practitioners need an easy payment processing system that will provide functionality.

The Platinum Provider Portal, in addition to being paperless, will also allow practitioners to see in real time availability of funds for their patients. Other benefits include increased efficiencies and accuracies, improved access to information, and better collaboration and communication between colleagues and patients.

Health-care providers can service patients more successfully when they know what funds can be applied to their patients’ procedures. Knowing the extent of available funds allows both to reasonably assess which procedures can be accomplished and in what time frame.

Also, MedChoice’s enhanced reporting benefits practices by allowing them to export data to an Excel spreadsheet and support the integration with other business applications.

“The enhancements we have made to our portal support our mission for a customer-driven, flexible, and responsive support system for a practice’s needs,” said Valerie Harding, MedChoice financial marketing spokesperson. "Our investment in automation will benefit practices nationwide by not having to delay performing procedures and will give them an instant overview of a patient’s financing options."

Health-care practices today find physicians and their staffs juggling more patients and paperwork, with fewer resources. MedChoice’s Platinum Provider Portal helps simplify, accelerate, and automate administrative tasks that drain precious resources. It allows staff and physicians to focus their energies on better serving patients and brings the practice one step closer to achieving a paperless environment.

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