PracticeWorks partnership

June 17, 2010
Alliance forged to expand membership base and promote advancement of art and science of radiology in dentistry.

ATLANTA, Georgia--PracticeWorks Systems, exclusive maker of KODAK Dental Systems, has announced a new partnership with the American Academy of Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology.

PracticeWorks is a strong supporter of the AAOMR’s stated commitment to patient care through the advancement of ethical, evidence-based oral, and maxillofacial diagnostic services to the public.

“With this partnership, our goal is to heighten the awareness of the services and educational resources that the AAOMR brings to the profession,” said Dr. David Gane, vice president of digital imaging, PracticeWorks.

“As a leading manufacturer of both 2-D digital radiography and 3-D Cone Beam CT systems, our commitment is to offer innovative, integrated imaging solutions and then back them up with outstanding service and educational support. Promoting AAOMR membership to our customers present and future is a natural fit.”

By offering financial and educational resources, PracticeWorks hopes to provide the AAOMR with new members in 2010 and beyond. The company will be a GOLD sponsor of and exhibit at the AAOMR’s 2010 annual session Nov. 17-20 in San Diego, Calif.

“The AAOMR is grateful for support from PracticeWorks-Kodak aimed at better educating the dental profession on the safe and effective use of diagnostic systems including Cone Beam Computed Tomography,” said Dr. Allan G. Farman, AAOMR president.

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