Sybron Dental product donation

June 14, 2010
Donation to provide dental treatment for children from vulnerable populations.

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina--Sybron Dental Specialties has donated dental products valued at more than $39,000 to National Children’s Oral Health Foundation: America’s Toothfairy.

The donation will help provide dental treatment for children from vulnerable populations.

The Children’s Dental Center of Greater Los Angeles, a member of the NCOHF affiliate network, received the donation of dental products to expand and enhance oral health services for underserved pediatric patients in the Los Angeles area.

Like all community-based health-care centers in the NCOHF affiliate network, the goal at TCDC is to improve the oral health of local families through comprehensive oral health programs and services that promote positive health behaviors and treat the immediate oral health care needs of underserved children.

Dan Even, president of Sybron and past chairman of NCOHF said, “As an NCOHF founding underwriter, Sybron is proud to support NCOHF life-changing oral health programs for underserved children. NCOHF affiliates across the country continue to show impressive results in their efforts to provide quality, comprehensive care to the children who need it most.”

Added Fern Ingber, NCOHF president and CEO: “We are extremely grateful to Sybron Dental Specialties for their generous product donation to our affiliate partner, The Children’s Dental Center. Sybron provided the leadership gift to establish NCOHF and continues to be a dedicated partner in our mission to eliminate children’s suffering from preventable pediatric dental disease.”

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