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Cathy Jameson receives award

June 15, 2010
Dental practice-management coach and speaker receives Lifetime Achievement Award for her overall contribution to and leadership within the dental industry.
Dental practice-management coach and speaker Cathy Jameson has received the Lifetime Achievement Award for her overall contribution to and leadership within the dental industry at the 2010 Profitable Dentist Seminar In Orlando, Fla.Dr. Woody Oakes presented Cathy with the award, saying, “I used seven or eight consultants when I was in full time practice. Cathy was absolutely the best,” he said.“… Most importantly, to show her character… 12 years ago, when I had a botched heart surgery and had a stroke that wiped out a lot of my eye sight, I was paralyzed on the left side for almost two years. Cathy came into my home … and was the most inspirational part of my recovery by what she said to me and the words of encouragement she gave. And that’s more valuable than anything,” added Dr. Oakes, a dentist who founded the Profitable Dentist Seminars.Jameson accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award in person with team members Amy Logan and Kathleen O’Donnell, as well as her husband of 40 years, Dr. John H. Jameson, in the audience. She said, “The entire event was humbling and very special. This award was a testament to the hard work, reputation, and commitment to care that John and I have brought to the industry over the past 20-plus years.” Addressing the team of coaches she employs at Jameson Management, she added: “Each of you carries on that reputation and exemplifies the characteristics that were recognized and honored. Thanks to each of you for believing in our mission, for standing firmly on our conviction to our values and ideals, and for always doing all that is expected of you and a little bit more ... I am grateful beyond words.”See Dr. Oakes presenting the award to Jameson on the Jameson Management You Tube channel or go to more information, call (877) 369-5558 or visit To read more about Cathy Jameson, go to Cathy Jameson.To commetn on this topic, go to