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Dec. 29, 2010
Charles Martin, DDS, founder of the Richmond Smile Center, encourages people to be happier.

RICHMOND, Virginia--In 2011, we can make the same tired resolutions--start exercising, eat better, stop smoking-- or perhaps make a resolution that's more attainable. People could smile more, Charles Martin DDS, founder of the Richmond Smile Center says.

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People with poor oral health or badly damaged teeth might consider smiling a resolution that's impossible to make. Accustomed to hiding their smiles, they know they are not making the best first impressions. Moreover, they typically don't think anything can be done to improve their teeth.

In response, Dr. Martin has resolved to get the word out about recent advances in cosmetic dentistry.

"A beautiful smile is emblematic of so much more than just teeth. It is how you see yourself and how others see you--and treat you," Dr. Martin explained.

"It also has two mega-effects that are often overlooked: how happy you are and how much other people are happy around you. When you smile you are generating physiologic changes within your body that literally make you feel happier. When you smile at the people around you, it is a signal to them that all is well, and you brighten their day," Dr. Martin added.

The reverse is also true: A nonsmiling face has a negative effect on the person and those around him or her. But Dr. Martin reassures, "Fortunately, today, more than ever, we have the technology to make virtually everyone's smile an asset, not a liability."

That technology includes a range of options. Cosmetic dentists can now perform all-ceramic restorations that reflect light in much the same way as natural teeth. In addition, a better understanding of the science of color is helping cosmetic dentists give patients more natural-looking smiles.

Today's surgical techniques also allow dentists to rebuild gums and bone, concentrate growth factors from the patient's body to increase comfort and speed healing following dental surgery, and replace missing teeth with dental implants. Some dentists now even practice speed dentistry, giving patients new smiles in as little as a day instead of in weeks or months.

"As 2011 approaches, I urge anyone who is dissatisfied with their smile to consider making an appointment for a consultation with a reputable, experienced cosmetic dentist," Dr. Martin stated. "Resolve to make your best impression in the new year with a smile that exudes confidence and vitality."

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