KOMET carbides impact

Dec. 21, 2010
Study says KOMET is the fastest-growing carbide brand in the U.S. dental rotary market in first half of 2010.

ROCK HILL, South Carolina--For the first half of 2010, KOMET is the fastest-growing carbide brand in the U.S. dental rotary market, according to a Strategic Data Marketing’s Dental Products Trial, Awareness and Penetration Study.

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The announcement was made by Warren A. White, KOMET USA’s chief operating officer of sales and marketing.

Approximately 20 carbide brands were included in the survey, which was conducted on the Internet with a nationally representative sample of nearly 800 general dentists.

“On behalf of KOMET USA, I’d like to thank SDM for conducting this survey and providing us with this wonderful news,” White said.

“To be named fastest-growing carbide brand in the United States is truly an honor. We take pride in the specialized and precise dental rotary instruments we manufacture. Not only is this a testament to our innovative carbide instruments, but it’s a testament to our sales and marketing staff who are spreading the KOMET message. Our customers know the impact KOMET instruments can make on a practice.”

SDM, located in Rochelle Park, N.J., conducts market research designed to guide the product and marketing strategies of its clients. SDM basic objective is to help its clients understand the needs and purchasing decisions of dentists--their primary customers. SDM DPTAP reports provide additional information on patterns of product trial and usage along with detailed information about the position of products sold through direct channels.

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