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Darby Rewards Guide

Dec. 13, 2010
Darby invites dentists and purchasing staff to “Buy the things you need, get the things you want."
JERICHO, New York--Darby Dental Supply, an all-telesales national distributor of dental merchandise, has began distribution of the 11th edition of ther Darby Rewards Guide.To read more about Darby Dental, go to Darby Dental.The guide is available to Darby customers and other dental practices nationwide. Darby a dental distributor that offers a seasonal rewards program to provide customers with a selection of name brand electronics and other incentive items. “We started the Darby Rewards Program to express thanks and appreciation to our loyal customers,” explained Darby President Gary Rosenberg. “When a dentist or authorized staff member buys the dental materials and supplies they need, they can also get the things they want in the way of generous incentive items that include consumer electronics, housewares, sporting goods, jewelry, and more.”There are two ways that Darby customers can receive Darby Rewards Program incentives: 1. Receive Dental Perks immediately with any one invoice that meets or exceeds a qualifying Instant Reward level. 2. Earned Dental Perks are added to their Dental Perks Bank when they meet their individual quarterly spending goal. Additional Dental Perks may also be earned by reaching spending goals above their initial quarterly target.Whether Darby customers opt to redeem their Dental Perks instantly or save them in their Dental Perks Bank, they have a selection of more than 600 amazing rewards from which to choose. The more the Darby customer spends, the more luxurious, desirable, and valuable their reward choices become. Darby customers may select as many reward items as they wish, as long as they have enough Dental Perks. For complete details of the Darby Rewards Program, call ar Darby account manager.For more information, visit comment on this subject, go to