SensAble names Core 3D

Oct. 19, 2010
Parntership allows dental labs to transfer SensAble design files to Core 3D locations and obtain precision crowns, bridges with fast turnaround.

WOBURN, Massachusetts--SensAble Technologies, a leading provider of dental restoration design and fabrication solutions, 3D modeling software and haptic devices, has named Core 3D Centres as a SensAble Authorized Milling Center partner.

As a multinational firm with five facilities that serve more than 500 laboratories in 13 countries, Core3D Centres will provide milling services for dental restorations in a variety of materials directly from digital design files created by the SensAble Dental Lab System.

The partnership significantly expands SensAble’s network of localized production centers, and assures that SensAble’s customers around the globe have the choice, convenience, and expertise they need to deliver precise, high-quality milled restorations without the overhead required to have equipment and staff in-house.

“SensAble has rapidly established itself as an open and innovative dental lab player that values customer service and quality as highly as we do,” said Mark Maier, president of Core 3D Centre’s North American operations.

"Labs are already using the SensAble system to digitally design exceptional restorations, and now they can turn to Core 3D Centres to provide the exceptional milling services they need. We are eager to assist labs of any size and in any location in providing their doctors with the highest quality, best-fitting restorations that digital technology can deliver today.”

Core 3D Centre milling locations--Benelux, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and the United States--are part of the production network. With its global reach, Core 3D Centres' partnership with SensAble reaffirms the open, extensible nature of SensAble’s dental lab solutions, whose design files transfer readily into the latest milling systems.

Each centre includes a variety of dental manufacturing equipment that enables dental labs to outsource specialized milling and production services, and to choose from an array of esthetic and high-strength materials. This includes its branded Core Zirconia as well as IPS e.max and Lava.

Working with SensAble, Core 3D Centres--a global supplier of digital manufacturing services to dental laboratories--can help dental labs maximize their growth and profits while still exercising control over the final quality of the restorations.

“We’ve been using the SensAble system to digitally design crowns and bridges, as well as removable partial dentures for quite some time,” said David Stricker, digital manager at Dental Prosthetic Services in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

“It’s always given us incredible flexibility and versatility, but with the additional capability to mill substructures, we can now use SensAble to deliver full contour restorations that are either pressed ceramic over zirconia (PoZ) or fused porcelain to zirconia (PFZ). With SensAble and Core3D Centres, we get the best of both worlds--fast, accurate and consistent digital design and high-strength, highly-aesthetic milled zirconia substructures.”

“Smart partnerships enable leading industry players to complement each other’s strengths and increase value to their collective customers,” said Bob Steingart, president of SensAble Dental Products.

“Core 3D has an exceptional reputation, expansive global presence and corporate values that strongly align with our own. We are delighted to partner with their worldwide team to provide an extensive network of trusted production centers that support and expand our dental customer’s flexibility.”

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