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SensAble wins WOW Award

Oct. 5, 2010
System recognized for use of haptics to help labs transition to digital design.
WOBURN, Massachusetts--SensAble Technologies, a provider of dental restoration design and fabrication solutions, 3D modeling software, and haptic devices, has announced that the Journal of Dental Technology has named the SensAble Dental Lab System as one of its 2010 WOW! Products. Awarded annually, WOW! Product awards from JDT--the monthly magazine of the National Association of Dental Labs--honor solutions that save dental laboratory owners time, money, and improve dental restoration quality. The SensAble Dental Lab System, is an integrated solution for the scanning, design, and fabrication of removable metal and flexible partial dentures, as well as fixed crowns and bridges. SensAble’s system enables new lines of business, and offers lab owners an effective way to increase productivity, offsetting the shrinking pool of skilled technicians. In a market still dominated by technicians designing by hand in wax and porcelain, SensAble’s CAD/CAM solution allows labs to digitally design multiple restoration types with speed and precision--digital designs can be completed two to three times faster than waxing by hand--and make more restorations in the same amount of time. The system’s automation of time-consuming steps, along with user-defined design settings specific to each lab and to each lab’s individual doctors, ensure a high level of consistency. This gives labs the freedom to use technicians of varying skill levels to regularly turn out restorations that fit. Along with providing the speed, precision, and consistency of a digital solution, the SensAble system’s capabilities can allow labs to take on new business, or take back business they may have previously outsourced, such as partial dentures--a restoration type that previously could not be designed and fabricated digitally. The SensAble Dental Lab System also integrates haptics--the sense of touch--enabling lab technicians to literally feel the dental restoration as they design it on screen using a 3D “Virtual Touch” stylus. SensAble’s haptics makes the system intuitive, direct, even fun to use--a key factor in helping labs attract and retain young, new talent. With lab technicians retiring in record numbers and only about 220 lab technicians graduating from training programs in the U.S. each year, attracting new GenX workers is an industry-wide challenge. “’Wow!’ was the first thing we said when we tried SensAble’s system, too – so it makes perfect sense that they’d win this award,” said Judd Ryan, president of Sonshine Dental Labs in Newark, Del. “SensAble’s system continues to help us save time and produce exceptionally accurate, well-fitting restorations that in turn, save our doctors’ chair time and provide patients with high quality dental aesthetics. What’s not ‘Wow! ‘about that?” Only those with ties to the dental laboratory industry can nominate a WOW! Product. A panel of dental laboratory owners and technicians review nominated products and choose only the best to be awarded as a JDT WOW! Product. The WOW! winners are announced every year in the October issue of the Journal of Dental Technology.“In the U.S. alone, dental restorations are a $11B market, so the time is now for dental labs to transition to new digital design and fabrication systems that will streamline their businesses and give them the higher productivity they need in order to meet the challenges of ever-increasing price pressures,” said Bob Steingart, president of SensAble Dental Products. “We are delighted by NADL’s acknowledgement that our SensAble Dental Lab System is a powerful and practical CAD/CAM solution, and to give our customers yet another reason to say “Wow!” For more information, go to read more about SensAble, go to SensAble.To comment on this subject, go to