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Oct. 4, 2010
DENTSPLY Prosthetics hires JC Thomas Marketing Communications to develop a branding and marketing campaign for new ProficienCE continuing education program.

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina--JC Thomas Marketing Communications has announced that the agency has been hired by DENTSPLY Prosthetics, of York, Pa., to develop a branding and marketing campaign for the new ProficienCE continuing education program.

The announcement was made by Joel B. Thomas, president, JC Thomas Marketing Communications.

In addition to creating the ProficienCE name, the agency also designed the logo and created the ProficienCE collateral and marketing materials for the DENTSPLY Prosthetics sales staff and its customers.

"Our client relied on our wealth of marketing experience within the dental industry," Thomas said, "and that knowledge allowed us to develop and deliver the necessary marketing materials required for the ProficienCE

DENTSPLY Prosthetics' ProficienCE program assists dental laboratories, who are DENTSPLY Prosthetics customers, by promoting and supporting their marketing efforts through educating local dentists and their staffs on the latest, most relevant topics in dental prosthetics.

By partnering with DENTSPLY Prosthetics, laboratories can use the ProficienCE program to help attract new doctors, strengthen existing relationships, and grow their business.

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