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PureLife Dental donation

July 8, 2010
PureLife Dental, leaders in sustainable dentistry donate proceeds from CDA Anaheim totaling $8,258 to the Children’s Dental Center of Greater Los Angeles.
LOS ANGELES, California—PureLife Dental has announces a partnership with the Children’s Dental Center of Greater Los Angeles to provide dental care and education to underserved children and their caregivers. This year, following a successful exhibition at California Dental Association Anaheim, PureLife Dental contributed a total of $8,258 to TCDC, helping the program’s ability to serve the underprivileged and uninsured children of Greater Los Angeles.“PureLife was founded on a vision of bringing greater environmental accountability to the dental industry,” said Rodney Hanoon, CEO of PureLife. “As leaders in responsible dentistry, we are thrilled to partner with TCDC and look forward to working together to improve access to dental services for children. Our commitment to TCDC is a reflection of PureLife’s overall goal of improving the dental industry’s awareness of the world outside of one’s practice.”TCDC is a non-profit agency that is dedicated to eliminating dental disease and promoting overall health by providing a dental home for underserved children and their caregivers through exceptional and comprehensive prevention, education, and treatment services. “We are delighted to work with PureLife Dental and appreciate their contribution," said Dennis Young, president & CEO of TCDC.

"We are looking forward to a great relationship with the PureLife team. Like TCDC, PureLife Dental is dedicated to improving the oral and overall health of the underserved children in our local communities. They are giving back by joining TCDC in our efforts to combat the silent epidemic of childhood dental disease.”

For more information about PureLife Dental, visit or, or call (877) 777-3303.

For more information about the Children’s Dental Center of Greater Los Angeles, visit or call (310) 419-3000.

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