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Scottsdale Center selects Isolite dental isolation

July 28, 2010
Isolite Systems'  product installed throughout educational center.
SCOTTSDALE, Arizona--Isolite Systems has announced today that Isolite dental isolation technology has been installed throughout the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry. The 65,000 square-foot, $50 million learning facility is regarded as one of the premier CE centers in the world. The Isolite dryfield illuminator is a dental isolation tool that combines the functions of light, suction, and retraction into a single device that solves many of the frustrations that dental professionals deal with on a daily basis. Isolite gently holds the patient's mouth open, keeps the tongue out of the working field, illuminates the oral cavity, and guards the patient's airway--all while continuously evacuating saliva and excess moisture. The soft mouthpiece used with the device makes for a more comfortable experience for the patient, and allows dental professionals to complete procedures, on average, 30% faster. Isolite dental isolation technology will be used in hands-on portions of Spear Education courses and CEREC at Scottsdale Center advanced training courses. "We are very selective about the equipment in use at the center, and any equipment we choose must align with our mission to provide world-class dental education," said Jeff Roe, executive vice president, Scottsdale Center for Dentistry. "Isolite is unique in that it facilitates clinical excellence in dentistry, improves financial productivity of the dental practice, and also provides for an improved experience for patients.Bringing this advancement in dentistry to our course participants is a perfect fit." Isolite dental isolation technology was installed throughout the center's six-operatory dental practice of the future, and its 10-operatory and 36-lab bench training facility. "We are very pleased with the addition of Isolite dental isolation technology to our operatories," said Dr. Lee Ann Brady, executive vice president, clinical education. "Our faculty and course attendees had been coveting the few systems that we had for the hands-on portions of Spear Education courses. Now, each of our working operatories is equipped with Isolite, so all Spear Education course participants will have the opportunity to work hands-on with this leading technology."In addition to being used in Spear Education courses, Isolite will play an integral role in CEREC at Scottsdale Center advanced training. "CEREC and Isolite go hand-in-hand. Isolite offers unique advantages during CEREC procedures that improve imaging and clinical outcomes," said Sameer Puri, DDS, director, CAD/CAM for Scottsdale Center for Dentistry. "Our course participants will now have the chance to use Isolite dental isolation with CEREC during courses here at the center."For more information about Isolite Systems, visit or phone (805) 560-9888.To read more about Isolite Systems, go to Isolite Systems.To comment on this subject, go to