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NobelBiocare global symposium

July 6, 2010
Symposium was dedicated to the promotion of innovative and scientifically proven solutions in dentistry.
ZURICH, Switzerland--Nobel Biocare held a global symposium June 24-27, 2010, dedicated to the promotion of innovative and scientifically proven solutions in dentistry. The three-day event brought together 1,500 dental professionals from 46 countries.The symposium featured clinical treatment concepts, clinical applications, emerging technologies, and advanced treatment planning. There was also a postsymposium on fully edentulous solutions. The symposium was the first in a series of similar events to be held in Asia and Europe.Nobel Biocare is organizing a series of symposia for 2010 aimed to allow dental professionals from around the world to exchange their latest know-how and professional experiences. The symposium in New York marks the beginning of this series. The program for the symposium was developed by an independent scientific committee chaired by Dr Jonathan Ferencz, clinical professor at New York University's College of Dentistry. The symposium focused on key topics such as immediate function, the contribution of emerging technologies to prosthetic success, optimization of soft- tissue health outcomes to enhance long-term predictability, possibilities for fully edentulous treatments, advanced treatment planning, and maxillofacial concepts. The program was accompanied by an array of educational seminars, hands-on training sessions, and a postsymposium event on fully edentulous solutions including zygomatic implants.Dr Jonathan Ferencz, chairman of the Scientific Committee, said: "With this program, we wanted to highlight the patient benefits of the latest treatment modalities. Thanks to the vast concentration of expert dental knowledge and insight and the high quality of the opinion leaders in attendance, I am confident that we delivered a unique symposium of great academic and practical value and relevance to the participants. The Scientific Committee is very pleased with the outcome of the symposium."Domenico Scala, CEO of Nobel Biocare, said: "We are very pleased with the high quality the symposium offered and the fact that it attracted both existing and new customers. The large attendance and great interest attest to the fact that the treatment modalities discussed by the best dental experts in the industry are of great relevance to dental professionals. We are very fortunate that we could call on such a prestigious group of opinion leaders to share their expertise in an atmosphere of partnership and cooperation."The next Global Symposium will take place in Tokyo, Japan, in August 2010. Further regional/local symposia will be held in London, Stockholm, Zurich, Berlin, Barcelona, Rimini, and Moscow during the second half of the year.Details on upcoming Nobel Biocare events can be found online at read more about Nobel BioCare, go to Nobel BioCare.To comment on this subject, go to