BonaDent joins SensAble program

April 30, 2010

Program offers digital design, fabrication services for flexible and cast metal Partials to dentists and other dental labs using the SensAble Dental Lab System.

WOBURN, Massachusetts--SensAble Technologies, a provider of dental restoration design and fabrication solutions, haptic devices and 3D modeling software, has announced that BonaDent Dental Laboratories of Seneca Falls, N.Y., and West Melbourne, Fla., has joined the SensAble Authorized Production Center Program.

SAPCs create fixed and removable dental restorations in metal and flexible materials for dentists using the SensAble Dental Lab System, a dental CAD/CAM system, and are certified to provide design and/or fabrication services to other dental labs.

Because not every lab is ready for a full scan/design/fabricate system, SensAble Authorized Production Centers make it easier for dental labs of all sizes to take incremental steps toward digital technologies and gain the increased productivity, accuracy and consistency that they allow.

Labs can deploy the scan/design configuration of the SensAble Dental Lab System and then send the files electronically to BonaDent for printing a resin pattern. That pattern will be returned to the lab for investing and casting in metal, or flasking of a flexible material. Alternately, BonaDent can provide a finished chrome or flexible framework or coping to the lab, or a finished restoration to the dentist.

SensAble Authorized Production Centers help ensure consistent results by using only SensAble-approved fabrication methods and adhering to strict quality standards to remain “SensAble-certified.” These SensAble Authorized Production Centers gain marketing exposure from SensAble, and provide a service to other dental labs whose business models support outsourcing digital design or production rather than investing in a complete system.

“We’re eager to begin marketing the exceptional quality and accuracy that we get in working with the SensAble system, especially in our flexible partials,” said Ron Philbrook, CDT, cast partials manager at BonaDent. “More patients and dentists are requesting flexible products because of the comfort and aesthetics, and we’re amazed at the added productivity we’ve obtained when creating them in SensAble’s system. Now, we can help other labs streamline the production of partials and C&B restorations as well.”

Added Bob Steingart, president of SensAble Dental Products: “Digital dentistry is transforming the industry, and whether dental labs bring CAD/CAM in-house or outsource, SensAble is committed to giving labs of all sizes a path to the digital future. We’re delighted to work with leaders like BonaDent to offer a wider range of technology options so that labs can adopt whatever processes make the most sense for their business.”

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