Zachary Orthodontics partners with AmeriSciences

April 30, 2010
Two to offer oral wellness program.

LAGUNA NIGUEL, California--Zachary Orthodontics has partnered with AmeriSciences to offer the nutraceutical company’s Oral Wellness Program to Zachary Orthodontics patients.

The new Oral Wellness Program was developed in conjunction with NASA in response to a general trend in dentistry toward a wellness model to complement traditional treatment and repair.

“Our patients will now have access to a new preventative product that extends beyond typical dental treatment modalities,” said Dr. Christopher Zachary, director of the practice. “This is a simple and effective adjunct for maintaining long-term oral health based on the latest research and scientific advances.”

Based on recent discoveries in understanding the correlation between nutritional supplementation and disease prevention, Dr. Zachary reviewed the AmeriSciences approach with the company’s president and chief scientist. Research has also shown a correlation between oral pH (acidity) levels and tooth decay.

AmeriSciences has combined the benefits of antioxidants, omega-3 nutritional supplements, fluoride, and components able to neutralize cavity-causing bacteria in an anti-cavity mouth rinse (Restore) and bacteria fighting soft chew (Oral Health Complete).

This combination addresses the five major oral health problems of plaque, tartar, gingivitis, periodontitis, and tooth decay. It also freshens breath and helps control inflammation.

A physician-led nutraceutical company, AmeriSciences develops products created by physicians, dentists, and scientists, applying quality assurance tests to help ensure potency, safety and consistency.

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