Slip into SleepPhones

May 25, 2010
SleepPhone system referred to as "Pajamas for your Ears."

BELLEFONTE, Pennsylvania--Developed by a family physician to help patients fall asleep naturally, SleepPhones are soft headphones designed specifically for sleeping.

The patent-pending technology pairs a comfortable fleece headband with scientifically designed soundtracks. Together, they can produce a restorative sleep for the user.

At this year’s CEA Line Show in New York, SleepPhones will exhibit its SleepPhones System, which is available for purchase at

SleepPhones are an accessory for those who have difficulty relaxing, travelers suffering from jet lag, or spouses with a snoring partner. The lightweight and washable fleece headband stays snug for a comfortable fit that lasts through the night.

The product blocks noise and offers full stereo separation for the listener. With each purchase, SleepPhones provides a CD of binaural beats that help induce relaxation and drowsiness.

Additional MP3 downloads are available for free at the company's Web site.

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