AAE selects new leaders, honors members

May 5, 2010
American Association of Endodontists has appointed its 2010-11 officers and has added four new members to its Board of Directors.

The American Association of Endodontists appointed its 2010-11 officers and added four new members to its Board of Directors during the association’s annual session April 14-17 in San Diego, Calif.

New officers are Dr. Clara M. Spatafore, president; Dr. William T. Johnson, president-elect; Dr. James C. Kulild, vice president; Dr. Robert S. Roda, treasurer; Dr. George T. Goodis, secretary; and Dr. Gerald N. Glickman, immediate past president.

New directors on the AAE Board are Dr. Kenneth P. Sunshine, District II; Dr. Allan Jacobs, District IV; Dr. Glenn R. Walters, District V, and Dr. Garry L. Myers, District VI.

The AAE also honored eight individuals for their commitment to the specialty of endodontics.

Dr. Carl W. Newton received the Edgar D. Coolidge Award.

Dr. J. Craig Baumgartner earned the Louis I. Grossman Award.

Dr. Billie G. Jeansonne accepted the I.B. Bender Lifetime Educator Award.

Dr. Adam Lloyd received the Edward M. Osetek Educator Award.

Dr. Adolph Bushell received the Spirit of Service Lifetime Dental Community Award.

Dr. Gunnar Bergenholtz and Mark Oliver received honorary membership in the AAE.

Dr. John T. McSpadden was honored with the President’s Award.

To read more about the Board of Director officers, newly elected directors, or AAE award winners, visit www.aae.org/patients/pressroom/2010Awards.htm.

The American Board of Endodontics new president is Dr. Ashraf F. Fouad. Dr. Donna M. Mattscheck joins the ABE and Drs. Stephen J. Clark and Alan S. Law were reappointed to the Board.

New members of the AAE Foundation Board of Trustees are Jack Burlison, Dr. David C. Funderburk, and Dr. James C. Kulild, AAE Vice President.

For more information, go to www.aae.org.

To read more about the AAE, go to www.dentistryiq.com/index/display/article-display/373427/articles/dental-economics/industry-news-2/2010/03/root-canal-awareness-week-spotlights-endodontists.html.

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