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October Data Bite: Dental practices should follow the trend in elective treatment

Oct. 15, 2015
Elective treatment has grown to an average of 28.5% of total dental practice production. Here's why practices need to take advantage of the trend.

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According to the2015 Dental Economics / Levin Group Annual Practice Survey:

Elective treatment now accounts for an average of 28.5% of total production.

That’s an 8% increase over the figure reported by dentists last year.

As the number of new patients in the market declines, dentists need to do more with what they already have, i.e., current patients.

You can increase per-patient production significantly by doing the following:

- Performing a wide range of elective services

- Educating patients about what’s available

- Offering convenient payment options, including outside financing

The upcoming holidays present a perfect opportunity for encouraging patients to improve their smiles with cosmetic treatment. Many of them will want to look their best at family gatherings and other holiday celebrations.

To increase cosmetic and other elective production at your practice:

- Put up posters where patients can see them

- Mention appropriate services to patients visiting the practice

- Include promotional messages in routine print and digital communications with patients

- Get the word out on your practice website and in social media.


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