Crosstex International acquires Hygoplastic

June 8, 2005
Crosstex purchases a manufacturer of high-volume evacuator tips.

Crosstex International has announced the acquisition of HygoPlastic Inc., the manufacturer of high-volume evacuator tips sold under the trade names MaxVac and MaxVac Plus with Color.

"The selling of HygoPlastic allows me to concentrate my efforts on the Microbrush line of applicator products, which are the focus of our business today," said Gunnar Wallin, president of Microbrush International.

Wallin added, "Crosstex and HygoPlastic have enjoyed a close working relationship for several years. When Crosstex acquired the facility in Sharon, Penn., we both agreed they should manufacture the HygoPlastic products internally."

Gary Steinberg, executive vice president of Crosstex, said, "The acquisition of the Sharon facility was part of our long-term strategy to expand our manufacturing capabilities and vertical integration. The facility is ideally suited to manufacturing this type of product. High volume evacuators (HVE) have been part of the Crosstex line of single-use disposable products for many years and will continue to be an important part of our product offering."

The growth of the company is, in large part, predicated on its ability to manufacture as many products as possible. More and more companies are finding sources for products overseas. Crosstex, on the other hand, is committed to doing as much as possible themselves in the United States.

"We now manufacture more than 70% of all the products we sell, and we still aren't where we want to be," said Mitchell Steinberg, executive vice president.

Crosstex International provides the healthcare industry with innovative, high-quality infection control/single-use disposable products. Crosstex is a family owned, international company founded in 1953. Crosstex operates eight distribution and/or manufacturing facilities in New York, Georgia, California, Pennsylvania, Europe, South America and Japan. These facilities service their global network of distributors in more than 90 countries.

For more information, contact Andrew Whitehead at 888-CROSSTEX.