Missouri poster winners announced

July 9, 2002
Nine winners earned a total of $9,700 toward tuition programs

Nine winners of the last Missouri Dental Health Poster Contest will receive more than $9,700 worth of Missouri AGD Memorial Scholarships for Higher Education.

The "Missouri Dental Health Poster Contest Grand Champion Winner" was Cameron Mahaney of the Hannibal Public Schools in the Northeast District Dental Society. Dr. Del Gregory of La Plata, was District Poster Contest Chairperson. Dr. Lori Henderson, of Columbia, the Missouri Dental Association Poster Contest Chairperson, declared Cameron the top winner at the judging held in Jefferson City. Cameron subsequently became the recipient of the "Mary Starke Ay Memorial Missouri Academy of General Dentistry Scholarship," in the amount of $4200 (+/-) by 2008 (when he graduates from high school ) tax free through the Missouri Saving for Tuition (MOST) Program, announced in May 2002 by the Missouri AGD.

Other Missouri youngsters receiving 2000 Memorial Mo AGD Scholarships and just recently (May 2002) placed in the MOST program for administration and follow-up.

NORTHEAST ( Huntsville )
Lauren Okruch Memorial for Wm. R. Warner & Jordan Lambert
$1200 (+/-) Warner & Lambert Co.

SOUTHEAST ( Jackson )
Kristen Licare Memorial for Jewel Ross & Robert W. Berkley Sr.
$1000 (+/-) Doug & Pam ( Berkley ) Ross

NORTHWEST ( Oregon )
Shantell Hughes Memorial for Mary Patricia Vatterott
$1000 (+/-) Vatterott College

SPRINGFIELD ( Hollister )
Evan Grisham Memorial for Richard Virgil Lewis
$760 (+/-) Dyna-Flex Dental Laboratory

ST. LOUIS ( Barnhart )
Rachel Wolf Memorial for William & Opal Hosier
$456 (+/-) Keller Dental Laboratory

SOUTHWEST ( Moundville )
Cameron Bott Memorial for Edward W. Lake, D.O.
$400 (+/-) Dr. & Mrs. Bill Lake

KANSAS CITY ( Kansas City )
Victoria Neel Memorial for Charles & Pearl Nesbit
$328 (+/-) Inland Energy Co.

CENTRAL ( St. Robert )
Kasha Humphrey Memorial for Dr. William Gregory
$328 (+/-) Mound City Dental Society

All these amounts are the projected amounts allowing interest already earned and to be earned through the MOST program by 2008 graduation.