Sirona to unveil new treatment center at ADA meeting

Aug. 27, 2003
The C8+ is German-engineered technology designed for the American dentist, offering unrivaled flexibility in an affordable and ergonomic treatment center system.

Sirona Dental Systems, the world's only full-line dental equipment manufacturer, will introduce its new C8+ treatment center to the U.S. market in October. The C8+ is German-engineered technology designed for the American dentist, offering unrivaled flexibility in an affordable and ergonomic treatment center system.

"The C8+ builds on the modular integration customers already appreciate from the Sirona C8," said David Lee, Sirona's Marketing Manager for Operatory Products. "With the C8+, we've added improved comfort features and outstanding value options that make this treatment center an excellent choice for multi-dentist practices and dental training schools."

The C8+ is designed to accommodate a complete range of working methods and individual dentist preferences, from hose style to cart delivery. In addition to many available options, the treatment center is compatible with Sirona's new handpiece line, also released in the United States this year.

One of the most compelling upgrades from Sirona's popular C8 model is the "Turn Option", which provides right-left convertibility to meet the needs of multiple dentists with one treatment center. Only a few simple steps are required to switch the doctor's unit, light pole and water unit to the opposite-hand position -- and the reconfiguration takes less than one minute with no compromise of functionality. A single foot switch controls all treatment-related functions. The C8+ is also available in fixed-base and axial swivel base options for those not requiring left/right conversion.

Improved comfort is not the only enhancement with the C8+. Sirona has added increased equipment options incorporating the company's innovative technology. For optimal flexibility and customization to each dentist's needs, the C8+ offers more options than any other competing dental treatment center.

Dentists can start out with the basic model and upgrade according to their changing practice requirements. One available upgrade is the SIVISION patient communication system, which comprises an intraoral camera and a flat panel monitor mounted directly on the treatment center.

For dentists seeking to streamline the disinfection process, Sirona offers an optional one-button hygiene system that constantly treats waterlines to minimize biohazards and allow for more comprehensive disinfection. On all C8+ configurations, every hygiene-critical component of the treatment center can be removed for sterilization and/or thermal disinfection.

"Many of the new equipment options available on the C8+ are focused on increased visibility for dentists," said Lee. "New technology allows for environmental and equipment enhancements that help dentists improve diagnosis and treatment accuracy, and ultimately patient care."

New vision-related equipment options include the SIROLUX F operatory light with a color temperature of 5500 Kelvin, bringing the field of vision very close to true daylight conditions; the SIROSONIC L ultrasonic scaler with built-in light for enhanced visibility; and the SIROCAM 3 intraoral camera, constructed of lightweight titanium, with a 3-stage lens that captures sharp images at virtually any distance.

Sirona will unveil the C8+ to the dental community at the American Dental Association annual meeting in San Francisco. The company will be exhibiting at booth #2514.